Sunday, November 29, 2009

Collectors Items: Vintage Video Recordings of TMS

Finally after years of effort and deliberating I'm able to retrieve two recordings of TMS performance, one in 96 Spring Fest and the other in 98 (I'd already left KGP by that time, so can't say exactly about the background of the event). I'd got the Spring Fest 96 program recorded but had lost the original VHS tape. Kanishka luckily had a copy of the recording and also a recording of the other show. I collected both thetapes from him last year but never could play on my 15 year old VCR. Finally I could clean the VCR head, play the tapes and more importantly convert the VHS indo DVD!! My project of more than a year has finally concluded successfully!! And wow, what a nice thing to see the recordings 13-14 years old. And the most interesting thing is that I'm just amazed by the quality of our shows back then. Many of us manage to do shows even now and I'll link all those recent recordings also to the TMS blog site. But you can yourselves make out we did better back then - and the reason may be very simple - we practised for 4-5 hours every night for a month for the shows and now we meet barely for a few hours once a week only a few times!!
I'll slowly upload the recordings of the 96-98 shows slowly to youtube. If you have links to other TMS shows please let me know. You toube already has some recent shows, but I'd like to get some old recordings too.
BTW, why don't you all invite all your juniors and seniors you know to this mailing list. I think if each of us get our own juniors we can surely get everyone till the recent batch!!
Happy musicing!! Watch out how you looked like more than a decade!!

Sudipto (96, RK)