Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Talat sings a Rafi song

by Anandaroop (Goopi)

This is a rare audio clipping where Talat sings a Rafi song. Please note the completely different approach - thi sone is more gentle and sublime with the added murkis which came to Talat so naturally due to the inherent vibrato in his voice.
Here is a little background on this recording (as told by Talat's son Khalid Mehmood)
"During 50's HMV wanted to copy the West (where one hit English song was sung by many singers) and create VERSION RECORDINGS of popular Hindi songs. Since Talat Mahmood was the most popular singer in those days they persuaded him to do the first recording 'Chal ud ja re panchi' which Mohd Rafi had sung for film 'BHABHI'. Similarly, HMV wanted Rafi to sing a Mukesh hit and Hemant Kumar to record a Talat hit. But this idea of singing other singers songs was not going down very well with the singers and they got together to finally decide against going ahead with this VERSION RECORDINGS idea of HMV. Seeing the singers opposition, HMV decided to drop this idea of VERSION RECORDINGS entirely after that. But by this time 'Chal ud ja re panchi' sung by Talat was already in the market..."

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